Nov 132011
Garlic Edamame

I go through phases when I eat. Sometimes, they’re healthy. Most times, they’re the most disgusting addiction and unhealthy thing out there. Like SpaghettiOs. Man, do I love SpaghettiOs. My friend and I ate strictly SpaghettiOs for an entire week once. No joke. Disgusting, right? But oh. so. good. For some reason, when I crave a certain thing I can’t stop! And this leads me to my microwave popcorn phase. It was short lived because soon after it began, I decided that it was not ok. So, I bought bags of edamame instead and haven’t looked back since! Ok, I eat the occasional bag of microwave popcorn still…but who doesn’t?! This edamame is a craving in itself. It has some cooked garlic in every bite as well as some red pepper flakes for an added kick. The best part about it is that it’s healthy for you! It’s a great [Continue Reading…]

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