Nov 182013
Mulled Wine

We haven’t seen rain in San Francisco for over 2 months. 2 months! And when it did rain 2 months ago, it only rained for one day…it’s so weird and I’m anxiously waiting for some drops so that we can get some snow up in Tahoe. Fortunately for me, I’m running away and heading to the warm beaches of Mexico for a few days this week! Muahaha. But when I get back…I expect rain. :) However, the warm weather has not stopped my friends and I from embracing Fall and enjoying some seasonal festivities (including a Friendsgiving potluck this past Saturday and a friendly game of softball yesterday). In my opinion, the best way to celebrate the holiday season is by chowing down on some delicious food and sipping on tasty drinks. Warm, spiced drinks scream comfort to me. It’s quite possibly my favorite part of the holiday season (besides [Continue Reading…]

Sep 192011

So, being between apartments is actually perfect right now because I’m on vacation. Hawaii, that is ;) Ya know…just soaking up the sun and beautiful beach weather! Life is not too shabby right now… For everyone that is working hard, catching up on their studies, running errands, and taking care of business today, I don’t want to rub this wonderful vacation too much in your faces. I commend you all, and I truly believe that everyone should take a nice break every once in a while! For those that can’t be on vacation right now, I offer you this sangria recipe. It’s like a vacation in itself because it tastes delicious, is extremely easy to make, and it makes you feel like you are far, far away from your daily worries and tasks. You know you want some… I found the recipe and experimented with it a little bit. I added [Continue Reading…]

Jul 112011
Chocolate Merlot Cupcakes

Oh, yes, you read correctly. Chocolate. Merlot. Cupcakes. WITH Chocolate. Merlot. Frosting. Last week was my wonderful roommate’s birthday, and to celebrate I wanted to make something fun. We both love chocolate, and we both enjoy wine. And cupcakes? Well, there’s just no substitute! So I figured that this was the perfect dessert to make for her! And I really like the touch the decorative cupcake liners add to the cupcakes, don’t you? Birthdays are so enjoyable to me because I am thoroughly fond of making food that has a special meaning. Holidays, for example, are really fun, and with birthdays, personalizing a cake or making something that you know the birthday person loves is so exciting and unique! If you like Merlot and chocolate, I think you will enjoy these as well! According to the original recipe, these cupcakes were suppose to be a lot darker so don’t know what [Continue Reading…]

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